Your Days Are Your Sonnets
Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.


Women’s Noir - A list of films made during the Hollywood studio system that mix the genres of film noir and “women’s pictures” (melodrama) and place a woman who is more than a man’s love interest, girl friday, or femme fatale at the center of the narrative.

Ladies in Retirement (1941, Charles Vidor)
The Seventh Victim (1943, Mark Robson)
Christmas Holiday (1944, Robert Siodmak)
Mildred Pierce (1945, Michael Curtiz)
My Name is Julia Ross (1945, Joseph H. Lewis)
Shock (1946, Alfred L. Werker)
The Spiral Staircase (1946, Robert Siodmak)
Strange Impersonation (1946, Anthony Mann)
It Always Rains on Sunday (1947, Robert Hamer)
Born to Kill (1947, Robert Wise)
The Man I Love (1947, Raoul Walsh)
Possessed (1947, Curtis Bernhardt)
Deep Valley (1947, Jean Negulesco)
Lured (1947, Douglas Sirk)
Sleep, My Love (1948, Douglas Sirk)
Secret Beyond the Door… (1948, Fritz Lang)
Raw Deal (1948, Anthony Mann)
Sorry, Wrong Number (1948, Anatole Litvak)
Caught (1949, Max Ophüls)
The Reckless Moment (1949, Max Ophüls)
Beyond the Forest (1949, King Vidor)
Flamingo Road (1949, Michael Curtiz)
Whirlpool (1949, Otto Preminger)
No Man of Her Own (1950, Mitchell Leisen)
The File on Thelma Jordon (1950, Robert Siodmak)
Born to Be Bad (1950, Nicholas Ray)
Woman on the Run (1950, Norman Foster)
The House on Telegraph Hill (1951, Robert Wise)
Clash by Night (1952, Fritz Lang)
Sudden Fear (1952, David Miller)
The Blue Gardenia (1953, Fritz Lang)
The Bigamist (1953, Ida Lupino)
Dangerous Crossing (1953, Joseph M. Newman)
Private Hell 36 (1954, Don Siegel)
Crime of Passion (1957, Gerd Oswald)

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Oscar Wilde Secretly Released from Prison at Night Time

Courtesy of the Illustrated Police News etc (London, England), Saturday April 20, 1897.

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